YOUR PRACTICE BRAND: Generic vs Custom
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Every aspect of your dental practice is a representation of the qualities you value as a professional and a provider. The location, your team, the reception area, the treatment and services you provide, the technology you have invested in all express the mission and the identity of the practice. This includes your social media and online presence as well.

If you visited your website today would you be able to confidently say it accurately, effectively and even beautifully tells the story of what you do and who you are? Would an existing patient feel a sense of recognition and connection to the positive experiences they have had with you? Is your social media presence an engaging and informative one? Would they be motivated to share a link to your website or your Facebook page with a family member or a friend? What would a prospective patient looking for a new doctor or a particular specialized treatment discover about you through your social media identity?

Fixed vs Responsive

It is impossible to ignore the fact that a cookie cutter approach eliminates a huge opportunity to showcase your practice to both existing and prospective patients. When people see the same stock photography and generic content everything about your practice becomes invisible. The lost opportunity to communicate and connect is immeasurable. Investing some time and resources into brand development and the customization of your multimedia presence can have a huge impact on the value of your business and it’s ability to retain and attract patients.

Why Premiere Branding

Developing and customizing your brand identity is the first step in an ongoing
process of maximizing the impact of the comprehensive marketing strategy necessary to meet your practice growth goals in today’s dental market. Your customized brand creates a unique presence that differentiates you from your competitors. Using a strategic and meaningful social media identity and customized practice branding builds and sustains the relationship you have with existing patients and is highly attractive to new ones.